Best Scottish Cookbooks, Scottish Chefs and how to maximise the amazing natural larder

Scotland is not globally renowned for its food, which is strange considering it has one of the best natural larders in the world. In recent times a glut of Scottish chefs, usually French-trained, have started to change that narrative. Some of the finest restaurants in Europe are now in Scotland. The appreciation for the game and seafood, in particular, has taken off. Here are the best Scottish cookbooks to help you maximise the flavours and capabilities of the amazing Scottish produce.

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The Scots Kitchen: it’s Lore and Recipes

This book is so much more than a mere Scottish cookbook. The Scots Kitchen is a fantastic reference for the history of Scottish food and the people who helped transform the landscape of Scottish cuisine. There are hundreds of lovely recipes, even an entire section on oatmeal, of course. This book is perfect for a look at proper, old-fashioned, Scottish cooking.

Tom Kitchin’s Meat and Game

Tom Kitchin is Head Chef at the Michelin starred The Kitchin in Leith, Edinburgh. He, additionally, owns several other restaurants throughout the Scottish capital. As a Chef, he is a real champion of Scottish produce. With a passion for nose-to-tail cooking, he is considered one of Scotland’s finest chefs. He is French-trained so his books always use French techniques but his love of Scottish produce shines through. Focusing on meat and game this isn’t a book for beginners but there’s a lot to take away from this book if you are a more experienced cook. The game recipes, in particular, are spectacular.

The Scottish Vegan Cookbook 

As a nation that is famous for its love of deep-fried food, at first glance, a cookbook dedicated to vegan recipes may seem a strange one to have in the best Scottish cookbooks. However, this is a wonderful book, taking classic Scottish dishes and making them vegan friendly. It’s a nice addition to any cookbook collection, we enjoy the occasional vegan meal, sometimes completely by accident too. There are definitely a few things in this one you’ll make again and again.

The Outlander Kitchen

This book comes riding on the success of The Outlander TV series. The Outlander Kitchen is out to prove that Scottish food is more than just porridge, haggis and whisky. It is aimed at amateur home cooks with recipes that are easy to follow. The pictures alongside are beautiful, and sure to help you out too. This is a great introduction to Scottish home cooking.

Tom Kitchin’s Fish and Shellfish

This is the second entry by Mr Kitchin, and another celebration of the bounty of Scotland. This one focussing on the joys of the sea. Again very French-based in its techniques but his passion for Scottish produce is always at the forefront. You will need a good fishmonger to do a lot of these recipes. However, they aren’t overly complex and really show off what Scotland has to offer.

Street Food Scotland

Ailidh Forlan travelled around every corner of Scotland to uncover the best street food the country has to offer. However, this book is so much more than a cookbook; it also beautifully shares the stories behind the food and acts as your guide when travelling the country. The recipes will transport you to your favourite food stall and places around the world. They are easy to follow with stunning imagery too.

Teach the Bairns to Cook

If you have children (bairns in Scotland), this is the perfect addition to your kitchen. This book walks you through Scottish history, focussing on the food. The recipes include all the classics. This great book all covers the basic techniques, even safety and hygiene in the kitchen. This book is the perfect grounding level for all the youngsters keen to learn a little more in the kitchen. 

Scotland is abundant in beautiful landscapes, perfect for creating a diverse and exciting food scene.

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